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Stevie Pink is the UK's most unique and original character in magic with his camp and hilarious style of comedy magic.  Stevie is unleashed on an unsuspecting public with a fresh array of magical material. Stevie Pink is the master of double entendre with his "Carry on" type humour woven into his magical routines which provides plenty of audience participation and laughs along the way.


As an entertainer Stevie has worked in over 30 Countries amazing audiences with his magic and has a unique look that even Liberace would be proud of, complete with a pink fur coat in which he makes his entrance. If you want plenty of laughs mixed in with your magic, and your fed up with all the same "look-a-like" magicians ...then take a look at Stevie Pink , a great  show with clever comedy that goes over the kids heads and has the adults rolling around in tears along with some stunning Illusions.

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Stevie Pink "Original, Different & Outrageous"